The Mauler

Grin and bear it

The Mauler


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Give yourself the edge in a close quarters fight with the ZT Mauler, our take on the Malaysian karambit, an ancient agricultural tool-turned-weapon that transforms your naked monkey paw into a beast commanding respect. When held in traditional reverse grip, with your index finger secured in a finger ring, the Mauler adds 4.5 hooked inches of 5160 steel to your fist, giving a brutal literality to your ‘upper cut’ and an irrefutable point to your ‘jab’. The Mauler has a steep scandi grind on its back bevels and sabre grind on the main forward bevel so that it’s capable of grizzly mayhem both coming and going. The blade ships standard with Kydex sheath and Tek-Lok belt clip.

(Sorry, we cannot ship the Mauler to AUSTRALIA.)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Total Length

Blade Length

Handle Length

Steel Thickness

.204 in (5.2mm)

Steel Type



Release Date

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Total Length: 9.5 in (.24 m)
Blade Length: 4.5 in (.11 m)
Handle Length: 4 in (.1 m)
Steel Thickness: .204 in (5.2mm)
Steel Type: 5160
Weight: 10 oz (.28 kg)
Availability: 18-22 week wait
Release Date: March 2016


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