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Ready for Business

Our blades are burly, sharp and durable. They are made for use, not for show.

Born in the USA

We make everything in our shop in Missoula, Montana with all US-sourced materials. Steel, aluminum, Kydex, even the grommets on our sheaths, are American-made.

Made as Ordered

We usually have a backlog of orders with wait-time ranging from 4-8 weeks.

Worldwide Delivery

Yes, we ship internationally. We have a ton of customers in Australia, Canada, and all over Europe.

Latest News

Christmas Order Deadline Approaches!

As of November 12, we are fast approaching the point at which we can no longer make blades for Christmas delivery. So get those orders in within the next few days if you want some steely joy in Whoville. As an alternative to steel under the tree, you can opt for some very valuable paper…

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Reaper 2014 is retiring

People do fear the Reaper, so it seems. With that in mind, we’d like to announce the retirement of the Reaper 2014(shown here in satin finish). The Reaper 2014 will be available through the end of May.

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Knives Illustrated Features Our New Apokatana

“All around perfection.” Damn. That’s how Knives Illustrated summarized their 7-page love letter to our new Apokatana in the December 2017 issue. The writer loved the weight and balance on the blade, and he had nothing but good things to say about the fit and finish. The reception from our customers to both the new…

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Earlier this year a magic gnome in a brown chariot delivered a package containing a ZT Mauler. Upon receiving said package I immediately went to work setting up a ballistic ham in the garage. After making several test cuts I examined the devastation inflicted on the ham. I was pleased with how the saber grind made deep clean lacerations through the meat. The Scandinavian grind left beautiful stab wound in the pork. As I was practicing my butchering technique, I noticed how the Mauler felt in the hand. The handle ergonomics and blade geometry complement each other well both form and function. I found it easy to index the blade while cutting and handling the blade felt smooth and natural. Since then my Mauler has accompanied me on countless occasions. I have used it to finish several coyotes and other pesky critters that roam the desert. I have been impressed with this product and am satisfied with my decision to acquire one of your fine blades. I view knives as a tool and the Mauler is no exception. I have asked a lot of it already and It has been up to any task I have given it. I feel confident that it will serve me well for a good long time. Thank you for a quality product. J.K., Reno, NV
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