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Ready for Business

Our blades are burly, sharp and durable. They are made for use, not for show.

Born in the USA

We make everything in our shop in Missoula, Montana with all US-sourced materials. Steel, aluminum, Kydex, even the grommets on our sheaths, are American-made.

Made as Ordered

We hand make all of our blades as they are ordered. Depending on the time of year and our workload, our wait times can vary. See the “Availability” field on the individual blade pages for the latest wait times.

Worldwide Delivery

Yes, we ship internationally. We have a ton of customers in Australia, Canada, and all over Europe.

Latest News

Christmas Orders are FULL

It’s official, the Christmas orders are full. If you’ve missed the deadline for ZT in time for the holidays, we also have merch and gift certificates available. Find those here: Merch & Gift Certificates Please note the updated wait times in the “Availability” section on the individual blade pages.

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Christmas orders almost full…in August!

Holy Cheese and Meatballs! What a summer it has been. Christmas orders are filling up. If you want to give or get a ZT blade in time for the holidays, best order now!

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Still at it!

Yes, ZT Fans, we are still grinding away. Please see the “Availability” field on the individual blade pages for our current wait times. Get yourself a Fist Full of Fuck Yeah!

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I ordered a Scyllis from you a little over a year ago. Unfortunately over the year that I've had it, aside from making a fire stick with it, it has remained a virgin. That is, until today. I was out cutting some world class sized weeds and decided to break its seal. It cuts through woody oversized rhubarb as if it was soft butter. I was getting at a baby poplar tree and smacked a cinder block (needless to say I screamed a little) it broke a chunk off the block and only left a scuff on my edge. The experience has been orgasmic! It's a little bulky to cut a steak with, but that won't stop me from trying. The boyfriend and I have been watching a lot of Forged In Fire lately, I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone make this panty dropper on there. It will cut! Please thank the guys for making me such a beautiful blade. If I lived closer I'd buy you all a beer in gratitude. H. M., Alberta
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