Retired Blade Archive

Here is the final resting place for many of our past designs and a visual history of our evolution as blade makers.

Please don’t ask us to make you one of these blades. We hate to say “no” to anyone, but if you ask, we will.

The Apocalax
The Apocalax

The Urban Bone Machete (Mark I)
Urban Bone Machete, Mark I
The Urban Bone Machete (Mark II)
Urban Bone Machete (Mark II)
Rough n’ Ready Bone Machete
Rough n' Ready Bone Machete

The Urban Bone Machete (Mark III)
Urban Bone Machete (Mark III)

The Zack Ax
The Zack Ax

The Harvester
The Harvester (original)

The Para Bellum
The Para Bellum

The Reaper (original)
The Reaper (original)

D’Capitan (original)
D'Capitan (original)

The Phalanx

The Squid Ax

The Apokatana (original w/ paracord handle)
The Apokatana (paracord handle)

The Deuce

The Spike
The Spike

The Urban Bone Machete 2011
Urban Bone Machete 2011

The Backwoods Bone Machete
Backwoods Bone Machete

The Tooth (with optional handguard)
The Tooth

The Spit

The Ferrous Wolf (original)
Ferrous Wolf (original)

The T’ai Fighter
The T'ai Fighter

The Bone Machete

The Tainto

The Harvester 2014

The Hellion

The Mack Daddy-O

D’Capitan 2012

The Sinbad

The Hooligan

The Ferrous Wolf
Zombie Tools Ferrous Wolf retired

The Big Bad Wolf

The Apokatana 2012






The Zakasushi 2012






The Xiphos






The Reaper II






El Choppo







The Vakra


1909 Wyoming #8-9
Missoula, Montana 59801