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Ready for Business

Our blades are burly, sharp and durable. They are made for use, not for show.

Born in the USA

We make everything in our shop in Missoula, Montana with all US-sourced materials. Steel, aluminum, Kydex, even the grommets on our sheaths, are American-made.

Made as Ordered

We usually have a backlog of orders with wait-time ranging from 4-8 weeks.

Worldwide Delivery

Yes, we ship internationally. We have a ton of customers in Australia, Canada, and all over Europe.

Latest News

Limited Edition Release: The Bushlicker

You’ve been asking us for a practical field knife for years, now you got it. The ZT Bushlicker is a “nessmuk”-style bushcraft knife that features a couple experimental innovations for us: a new steel and new handle materials. Featuring the super-tough 80CRV2 steel and G10 handles with a red Kydex liner, this tool will serve…

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Christmas Delivery Update

[UPDATED 11/27] As of noon 11/27 we can no longer take orders for Christmas delivery. Sorry! All orders placed after noon 11/27 will be delivered mid-January. There is one exception: we have a limited edition bushcraft blade that we have just released for the holiday season. We have a couple dozen of these available for…

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Release the Kraken! New T-shirt in the Mix

  Bubbling up from the inky black of the heartless sea, ZT’s latest tshirt will grab you and not let go. Drawn by our swabbie Keegan, the new ZT Release the Kraken tshirt is now onsale in our merch area. With the holidays on the approach, keep in mind that we’ve got loads of other…

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Two weeks ago I left on a road trip that took me halfway across the continent and back again, a journey to Wasteland Weekend (which y'all should check out). One my way out there I must have sucked some bad gas and I had to replace my fuel filter in my rather low slung car. I pulled off into the midnight desert and used my Vakra to dig a ditch so I could get under my car. Off and on my way! Thirty miles from anywhere in the mountains, a tire blew. My shitty scissor jack kept sinking and sliding in the sand. My Rand McNally didn't help it, so with a heavy heart I laid down my trusty Tibetan toe clipper and started jacking, sure it would destroy it. I changed the tire and let the car down. The only damage to my Vakra was a minor scratch in the finish, still straight as an arrow. Thank you, Zombie Tools, for making something that saved my butt not once, but twice at 2 am on a deserted, desert mountain road outside of Barstow, California. K.M., Georgetown, TX
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