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Our blades are burly, sharp and durable. They are made for use, not for show.

Born in the USA

We make everything in our shop in Missoula, Montana with all US-sourced materials. Steel, aluminum, Kydex, even the grommets on our sheaths, are American-made.

Made as Ordered

We usually have a backlog of orders with wait-time ranging from 4-8 weeks.

Worldwide Delivery

Yes, we ship internationally. We have a ton of customers in Australia, Canada, and all over Europe.

Latest News

ZT Blade in “War for the Planet of the Apes”

Zombies, unicorns, sentient great apes…..what *can’t* a ZT blade handle? We’d completely forgotten about the possibility that one of our blades would appear in the next Planet of the Apes film until we started getting emails from eagle-eyed fans who saw the handle of our Rat Bastard strapped to a soldier in the War for…

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Blade Retirement: The Ferrous Wolf

The time has come for the Ferrous Wolf to take its well-earned place at the table of Valhalla. We’ll be retiring this classic ZT blade on January 1st, so get that order in soon.

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Limited Edition Release: The Bushlicker

Update 12/8: The Bushlicker is sold out! You’ve been asking us for a practical field knife for years, now you got it. The ZT Bushlicker is a “nessmuk”-style bushcraft knife that features a couple experimental innovations for us: a new steel and new handle materials. Featuring the super-tough 80CRV2 steel and G10 handles with a…

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I just received my ZT Bone Machete, and I just wanted to feedback my appreciation for the quality and attention to detail that you put into my steel. I'm sure that you're no stranger to glowing reviews, so chock up another one. It has exceeded all of my expectations, and I can't wait to get out in the woods with it. Your tools are proof positive that you can have high quality and great looks all in one package. I'm finding myself lucky that it cost only what it did. ;) J.C., Oakdale, PA
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