Leather Sheaths

Leather Sheaths



Product Description

All ZT blades come standard with a Kydex sheath. But for those who care to roll with a little more schwank, we offer a leather sheath option. Our leather sheaths are made by a Missoula artisan who does very tight work with quality 9-ounce conditioned bridle leather. The welts are glued, stitched, and reinforced with black oxidized steel tubular rivets, and accessories include solid steel Dee rings and solid brass oxidized snaps. Nice stuff.

The sheaths are designed to offer a carrying style suited to the size of the blade. For large blades, we offer a canted drop swivel sheath — a pair of loops to run through a belt for a tilted carry off the hip. For our smaller knives, we offer a low ride drop sheath with leg tie for a vertical carry on the hip. And for our mid-sized blades we offer a tactical/scout system with a pair of loops on the back for strapping to a pack. (You can also run a belt through the top loop for a canted cross-draw.)

Left-handers! Please make a note in the Special Order Instructions if you’d like the sheath setup for left-handed draw.

If you order a blade and sheath together, they will ship together. Otherwise, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of a sheath.

Sheaths are currently available for the following blade models:
Backwoods Bone Machete (retired design) ($140): canted drop swivel
Big Bad Wolf ($180): canted drop swivel
Bone Machete 2012 (retired design)($140): canted drop swivel
D’Capitan: Cutlass ($170): canted drop swivel
D’Capitan: Sabre ($170): canted drop swivel
Original Deuce (retired design) ($170): canted drop swivel
Deuce II ($170): canted drop swivel
Diphos ($180): canted drop swivel
Ferrous Wolf ($170): canted drop swivel
Hellion ($150) (retired design): canted drop swivel
Phalanx (retired design) ($160): canted drop swivel
Sin Bad ($160): canted drop swivel
Xiphos ($160): canted drop swivel
Zakasushi ($155): canted drop swivel

Hooligan ($150): tactical/scout
Mauler ($70): tactical/scout
Sharkalope ($140): tactical/scout
Rat Bastard ($120): tactical/scout

Felon ($110): low ride drop sheath
Para Bellum ($110): low ride drop sheath
Scyllis ($105): low ride drop sheath
Tainto (retired design) ($100): low ride drop sheath
Traumahawk ($100): drop sheath
Vakra ($120): low ride drop sheath

Mack Daddy-O ($175) (retired design): shoulder-sling belt
Reaver Cleaver ($160): shoulder-sling belt

Canted Drop-Swivel Style

Tactical/scout Style

Low-ride Drop Style

Mack Daddy-O sheath with D-rings and shoulder sling. Mack Daddy-O sheath with D-rings and shoulder sling.

Additional Information

Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in
1909 Wyoming #8-9
Missoula, Montana 59801