January 9, 2014

The Science Channel’s Surviving Zombies

Surviving Zombies on the Science Channel

In 2011, in a moment of weakness, we made a deal with the devil, and produced two pilot episodes of “reality” television. Originally, we agreed to make a show about our shop, making blades, and picking up survival skills from experts. But, as it turned out, the network wanted a show about an apocalypse bunker.

We went along with it reluctantly. While the final shows were better than we expected (our production company, Missoula’s Warm Springs Productions, did a great job delivering some great “production value”), it was not the show we wanted to make. We’re just not “preppers”. We’re blade makers. Further, when the network approached us about making a full season of episodes, we were faced with the choice between shutting down our business and spending a whole Montana summer in front of TV cameras–which could have killed the business–or taking a pass on B-rate TV stardom and continuing doing what we love to do. We chose blade-making.

Sorry, the “Surviving Zombies” shows have been removed from YouTube for copyright reasons. The only way to view the show is through, uh, internet back-channels. If you’re into the Torrent filesharing thing, you can find the show on several torrent sites. But you didn’t hear that from us….

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