January 9, 2014

Destroying the Deuce

Our 2011 Destroying the Deuce video is easily the most popular video we’ve made. We took one of our Deuce blades (original design) and subjected it to all manner of ungodly torture, starting with cutting a truck hood in half and ending with its final destruction against a concrete jersey barrier. All our blades are made with the same steel and are heat-treated in the same way as the destroyed Deuce.

This video was a destructive test, meant to thoroughly trash the blade, and not a suggestion that you go out and chop on the old washing machine in your back yard with your new Tool. This sort of thing is dangerous (we probably should have taken more precautions) and hitting metal and stone will damage your edge, scratch your finish, and eventually break your blade. Our 5160 steel is tough, but isn’t magical.

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