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New “Release the Kraken” Hoodie

New “Release the Kraken” Hoodie

That little groundhog bitch says six more weeks of this miserable shit. On the bright side, that’s 6 more weeks to rock the new ZT “Release the Kraken” Hoodie. Get yours now!

Blade Retirement: The Hooligan

Blade Retirement: The Hooligan

The Hooligan will be retired at the end of January to make way for a fresh class of steel this spring. Grab it now if ye fancy it, lads.

ZT Blade in “War for the Planet of the Apes”

ZT Blade in “War for the Planet of the Apes”

Zombies, unicorns, sentient great apes…..what *can’t* a ZT blade handle? We’d completely forgotten about the possibility that one of our blades would appear in the next Planet of the Apes film until we started getting emails from eagle-eyed fans who saw the handle of our Rat Bastard strapped to a soldier in the War for…

Blade Retirement: The Ferrous Wolf

Ferrous Wolf

The time has come for the Ferrous Wolf to take its well-earned place at the table of Valhalla. We’ll be retiring this classic ZT blade on January 1st, so get that order in soon.

Limited Edition Release: The Bushlicker

Update 12/8: The Bushlicker is sold out! You’ve been asking us for a practical field knife for years, now you got it. The ZT Bushlicker is a “nessmuk”-style bushcraft knife that features a couple experimental innovations for us: a new steel and new handle materials. Featuring the super-tough 80CRV2 steel and G10 handles with a…

Release the Kraken! New T-shirt in the Mix

  Bubbling up from the inky black of the heartless sea, ZT’s latest tshirt will grab you and not let go. Drawn by our swabbie Keegan, the new ZT Release the Kraken tshirt is now onsale in our merch area. With the holidays on the approach, keep in mind that we’ve got loads of other…

ZT Heading to Atlanta for Bladeshow 2016

  The booth is designed, the blades are made, and everything has been packed and shipped. ZT is ready for another southern invasion for Bladeshow 2016. Come hang out in the Thrive Lounge and have a beer with us at Booth 219. We’ll have all our current blade designs on sale and we’ll be showing…

More Leather Sheaths Added to Lineup

The ZT shop has been looking like some sort of S&M dungeon lately. Black leather everywhere. We’ve been working hard to add new leather sheaths to our lineup, and now have almost every current blade model covered (the Kraken and the Reaper the only exceptions). We even have sheaths for many of our retired designs,…

D’Capitan Retired, D’Capitan Reborn

D’Capitan Retired, D’Capitan Reborn

Today we announce both a blade retirement and a blade release. We’ll be retiring our D’Capitan: Cutlass blade and introducing a design update we’re calling the D’Capitan: Sabre. The Sabre adds 3.5 inches of blade length while shaving a quarter pound off the weight. We’ve closed the hand-guard for full hand protection and canted the…

New ZT Knit Cap, plus Christmas order news

WINTER IS COMING! Time to stuff your nut into the new ZT embroidered knit cap. On sale now on our merch page. On the topic of winter, our cutoff for guaranteed Christmas delivery on blades is fast approaching. Every year, we’re forced to cut-off Christmas orders well before the holidays. This year, it’s looking like…

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