About ZT

Zombie Tools is a band of brothers formed under the auspices of the trickster god Loki, bound together by a common passion for blades, science and art. And beer. And metal music. And beer.

We’ve been making blades as Zombie Tools since 2007, when, during the production of a zombie-themed Halloween horror show for a local bar, founders Maxon McCarter, Joey Arbour and Chris Lombardi hit upon the notion of combining the young, emerging “zombie apocalypse” mythos with their young and emerging aspirations as blademakers. At the time, most people thought the idea was pretty stupid. Time has proven them right in the wrongest possible way.

Chris, Max, and Joey of Zombie Tools, awaiting Ragnarok

Chris, Max, and Joey of Zombie Tools, awaiting Ragnarok

Since 2007, our company has grown to 10 folks working full time making blades in Missoula, Montana, a fact that still kind of fries our gourds. We’ve now put a couple thousand blades into the world, from Alaska to Alabama, Tromsø (Norway) to Tasmania.

Our aim is to become the best blademakers we can possibly be. We want our blades to be burly, fully functional, and durable. We want them to be uniquely, beautifully badass, and to bear the marks of the hands that made them. And we want them to be affordable. To achieve this balance, we use a mix of technology and traditional methods, and slather it all in our own special, sticky, and slightly evil sauce.

We are constantly changing and improving what we do, both to get better results and to keep our creative sauces at a vigorous boil. We don’t see what we offer as a “product line” so much as a constantly evolving menu of limited edition pieces. If you see something you like, you should probably move on it, because it might be replaced next month.

We are an amazingly fortunate bunch of assholes to be doing what we do. We try to keep that in mind every day, and to remember that it’s only possible with your ongoing support. We’ll keep it up as long as you do.

Keep it tight!

Max, Joey, Chris and the Crew of the Pirate Shop Apocalax

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